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Module 2: Preconception, conception, early pregnancy

Family Centred Osteopathy CPD

A family-centred programme for the continued professional development for osteopaths, based in Norfolk, UK.

Module 2: Pre/Conception, Fertility, Early Pregnancy & Miscarriage

Osteopathy in early pregnancy
  • Origins in the health of our grandparents - a continuum of health & illness
  • Fertility as seen through a “fluid form” model of healthy body- healthy mind of  man & woman.
  • Conception requiring fulcrums of ignition, motion, form, fluids & pauses.
  • Early pregnancy- a voyage through hormonal, immune & emotional transitions in mother, embryonic-placental and fetal emergence.
  • When life meets an early death.
  • 15 hours CPD per module

Weekend Timetable

Saturday and Sunday
Start    9.30
Lunch  12.30-2
Finish  5.30

Patient Clinic

Saturday 4pm Demonstration with patient/s by presenter
Sunday 2.30-3.30 Participants practice with patient/s

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