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Module 3: Pregnancy labour, birth

Family Centred Osteopathy CPD

A family-centred programme for the continued professional development for osteopaths, based in Norfolk, UK.

Osteopathy during pregnancy

Module 3: Pregnancy labour, birth

Integrated fluid systems during pregnancy, labour & birth

  • Developing knowledge of maternal physiological changes during pregnancy. 
  • A palpatory experience of body fluids in motion through different body systmes in relationship to gestation.
  • Experience of embryonic motion of mother which is expressed in gestational transitions, and as preparation and ignition for labour & birth.
  • Fetal expression of embryonic motion with primitive reflexes for growth, presentation, labour ignition & birth.
  • Placenta development & birth.
  • 15 hours CPD per module

Weekend Timetable

Saturday and Sunday
Start    9.30
Lunch 12.30-2
Finish  5.30

Patient Clinic

Saturday 4pm Demonstration with patient/s by presenter
Sunday 2.30-3.30 Participants practice with patient/s

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