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Family Centred Osteopathy CPD

A family-centred programme for the continued professional development for osteopaths, based in Norfolk, UK.

Your questions answered

Who’s this program for?

This professional program is designed to supplement and develop osteopathic knowledge of family based practice with an emphasis on experiential learning through workshops and a patient attended clinic. Experienced tutors provide an individual “hands on” approach to support and guide each osteopath in practical sessions.

What am I signing up for?

The introductory session, Health Life, Death and family is a suggested starting point to give an over view and introduction to the work. All modules are complete on their own so any can be taken individually &/or in a sequence to suit your interests and CPD requirements.

IFSO courses are attended on-line directly through Averille Morgan or in Germany through www.lomerio.dekontakt@lomerio.de

A reflective practice resource folder is aimed to collect participants feedback on case studies using approaches studied on the course.

Participants are also encouraged to contribute to the “Resources Profile” which contains research articles, papers and review collected from professional journals which will aid interpretation of osteopathic philosophy and practice.

A research folder is provided for suggestions and /or implementation of research which complements a qualative research design. The program team invite ideas on establishing clinic based case study design research within and between health professionals.

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