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A family-centred programme for the continued professional development for osteopaths, based in Norfolk, UK.

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Averille Morgan

Averille Morgan

Averille Morgan is a registered osteopath (General Osteopathic Council, UK) having graduated in 1995 from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She attained her Masters degree in Osteopathic Science in 2004, from the BSO.

Whilst working at the British School of Osteopathy (1997-2000), Averille established and taught undergraduates at the BSO’s community children’s clinic.

Averille has practised osteopathy in several countries and has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level in UK and Europe on pregnancy care, care of mother and baby with a family-centered approach, peadiatric care and fluid systems. She has published several papers and a book entitled "Healthy Pregnancy".

Averille runs a family based osteopathic practice from Heacham, Norfolk, UK.


Robin McCaffrey

Robin McCaffrey

Since graduating from the The British School of Osteopathy in 2004, Robin has been working as an associate at Averille Morgan & Associates, a family centred clinic in Heacham, Norfolk. She has been exploring the primary mechanism through her work in clinic and courses in biodynamic osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, body-mind centering and pregnancy. Robin has been tutoring on mother and child care courses in London with Averille Morgan since 2010. Her passion is the study and embodiment of embryological development and contacting that creative health in everyone, young or old.

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