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Family Centred Osteopathy CPD

A family-centred programme for the continued professional development for osteopaths, based in Norfolk, UK.

Integrated Family Systems Osteopathy

IFSO courses are developed by Averille Morgan since 2021 using

-practitioner questionnaires

-patient feedback

-on-line study group

-25year family practice


  • Family as a whole system: functioning together in a physical sense                                                                                                relating Health together; energetic sense through communication (verbal-nonverbal) & collaboration 
  • Family effecting and affecting tissue Health: biological models of function/ development e.g.collaboration for individual development within group/s                            psychological models of group dynamics e.g. awareness of inter-relational & inter-sectionality bias

  • Family affect during Health crisis: physical, psychological support as a group with life transitions e.g. separation, birth, death
  • Inter-generational family as an influence on today’s family Health:      psychological, sociological, cultural, spiritual models which influences Health today, touch with ritual, palpation with historical context
  • Integration of social constructivism: osteopathy as first or last Health choice? Therapy of holistic assessment & application
  • Mysticism or Spirit in Osteopathy- how families relate to expanded awareness of altruism, well being, dying, enlightenment in therapy?

Integrated Family Sysytems Osteopathy Courses

January 2024                                                                 Topic

18/01 IFSO UK study gp (on-line) 7.30pm-9pm       Attunement- touch & perception

March 2024

21/3 IFSO UK study gp (on-line) 7.30pm-9pm             Children’s Languaging

April 2024

6-7/4 IFSO UK study retreat (In person Norfolk)         Family Therapy in Practice

June 2024

20/6 IFSO UK study gp (on-line) 7.30pm-9pm              Family Trauma-intro

September 2024

12/09 IFSO UK- online                                             Languaging in Osteopathy

October 2024

4-5/10 IFSO 2day course- Worcester                                IFSO in practice

November 2024

21/11 IFSO UK study gp (on-line) 7.30pm-9pm         Family field-energy effect


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